We live in a culture that revels in new ideas.

We encourage everyone around us to take risks, be open to new opportunities, and be honest with themselves.

Most importantly, we want to have our own personal freedom to feel our own feelings, and the confidence to be who we really are, without worrying about how others will view us. 

Reality bites

Sadly, however, even though we may say we want to live our deepest passions and desires, most of us don't. We've been taught by the people we spend time with -- the people we grow up with, those who teach us, and those who we work with -- that it's more important to be liked and to fit in than to be who we really want to be. 

Let's rewind for a moment, quick.

The backstory

Hi. My name is Zach, and you're currently looking at and learning about my brainchild - the Former, Founder Podcast. 

I grew up in the Midwestern United States, and although I've always had an interest in technology and high-growth + innovative companies, I happened to grow up in what I've recently found out is commonly called 'flyover country'.

My hometown is Omaha, Nebraska. Although I've lived, worked, and travelled all over the country, my adoration for marketing, technology, and their respective and combined roles in building companies could probably be called a fluke. 

Hailing from a hometown where the only thing between my house and my high school was a cornfield, I was always intrigued by large, expansive companies, and I aspired to work for them. 

Then I realized I could just learn from the ones that were able to learn and then go build something. 

And now I email with the former of employees of companies like SpaceX and AirBnb every day. Learning from them. 

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